“It has been a dream of mine to open and maintain a first-class facility for people and their dogs to come and experience all levels and types of dog sports.” -- Bonnie Buchanan

Welcome to Bon-Clyde Learning Center.

3030 Lee Ave, Sanford, NC 27332

Office:(919) 774-8861 or Cell: (919)770-4861

We are currently updating our new look so please check back or email us for more information or with any questions.

Covid 19


Bon-Clyde is still very concerned about remaining safe during this very unusual time. We are taking extra precautions to protect everyone from the COVID-19 virus. We regret that we had to postpone our classes, agility trials and seminars due to this virus.  However, the safety for all is our utmost concern and we follow the recommendations of the Governor and Federal guidelines.

Moving forward we will offer Agility classes beginning the week of August 17. Beginning the week of September 28th we are planning on holding all our classes. 

(Please check our schedules below for the August/September and September/October classes)

The following restrictions will apply:

  1.  Class is limited to 6 people

  2. Masks must be worn at all times while in the building

  3. No crates, extra dog or spectators are allowed

  4. Your instructor will have the class set up for Social Distancing

  5. Covid-19 release waiver will be signed

  6. No personal chairs, we will provide you with a chair.

Presently Bon Clyde is continuing to offer private or semi- private lessons for all levels of Obedience, Rally, Acting and Agility. Please call to schedule a lesson. 

 The CPE Agility trial scheduled in late September is still on the calendar.  We will make a decision in August.  If it is not safe to hold this trial then we will reschedule to a safer date.  Our main concern at the center is for the safety of all. We are using an excellent disinfectant recommended by another club. It is called Bioesque Disinfectant Solution and can be purchased on line or in most supply stores at a very affordable price.  The best part is you do not have to wipe it off and it is pet and people friendly. A big bonus is that it really has a very pleasant smell.!!!

If you have any questions please call (919) 770-4861



The Bon-Clyde Learning Center was officially opened on November 10, 1990 with a grand open-house celebration. This event allowed people to view the training center and enjoy refreshments, demonstrations of our Obedience class dogs, door prizes, and much more. 

The Center's name carries the legacy of my favorite dog, Clyde, an eight-year-old Rottweiler who died of cancer in 1989. One wall of the school is devoted to the memory of Clyde. 

The original building was built by my father to house his antique button collection. Following my father's death in 1988, I decided the location would be excellent for my dream of a training center for dogs. After much remodeling and button removal, my dream began to take shape. (Yes, I still have a room which houses a large selection of the remaining buttons.) 

Over the past 10 years, the demand for more classes and instructors led me to enlarge the facility to its present size and scope. After 10 years, my dream of a first-class dog training facility has become a reality. Through the support of a wonderful staff and great clients, I hope to continue with Bon-Clyde's reputation as "The South's Finest Dog Training Center". 



3030 Lee Ave, Sanford, NC 27332, USA

Office:(919) 774-8861 or Cell: (919)770-4861

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3030 Lee Ave
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