At Bon-Clyde we offer a variety of classes and private lessons. Below is our description of the variety of class. Please see our
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Foundation Skills for Agility  (prerequisite: Basic Obedience)

This class will prepare dogs with basic obedience skills for agility classes. Emphasis is on teaching dogs body awareness, drive, directional skills, and confidence using games and some fun equipment. This is a great course to prepare young dogs for an agility career.

Introduction to Agility Obstacles (prerequisite: Foundations Skills for Agility)

This class will focus on teachings dogs how to safely perform individual agility obstacles. Some short sequences will be also incorporated as dog/handler teams progress.

Beginning Handling for Agility (prerequisite: dog can safely perform most obstacles)

This class will teach teams to begin sequencing obstacles and improve contact and weave pole performance.

Competition Agility: Novice/Open

This class is for dogs that have a good foundation on all equipment and are competing (or preparing to compete) in Novice or Open. Participants will work on handling difficult sequences and challenges and improve handling strategies and techniques.

Competition Agility: Excellent/Masters

This competition-level class is geared towards handlers that are competing with their dogs in Excellent or Masters. Participants will work on handling difficult sequences and challenges, improve handling strategies and techniques, and practice Premier-level skills.

Puppy Kindergarten:

This class is generally for puppies between the ages of 12 weeks to 6 months old. A few of the topics covered in the course will be socializing your puppy, nipping and bite inhibition, beginning obedience (sit, down, stay, and come), discussion on nail clipping and teeth cleaning, plus use of small obstacles for confidence building. Puppies must have Rabies vaccine to attend classes.

Beginner Skills:

This class is for dogs 6 months and over. The course will consist of teaching the sit, down, stay, and come when called and walking on a loose leash, along with control and manners. All exercises will be done on a leash.

Advanced Beginner Skills:

Dogs and their handlers will continue work started in the Beginner Skills class. Emphasis will be placed on helping your dog learn control, developing relationships, and improving existing skills. Also learn how to train your dog for Canine Good Citizen and “Bright and Beautiful” therapy dog certification.

Rally Obedience:

This class will focus on preparing dogs for competition rally obedience. Basic heeling and exposure to the different levels of Rally Obedience signs will be covered Dogs should have completed obedience control.


Private or Semi-private lessons are available. These lessons will be tailored to your dogs needs and are by appointment only.


This class will cover the skills necessary to become a canine actor. Basic skills are more advanced topics will be covered. To
enter this class, your dog must have a firm sit, down, stay, and come when called around distractions. Advanced students will
build on skills their dogs already have while beginners will the basics.


CanineFreestyle DogWork® shows the dog to his best advantage creatively and artistically with presentations set to music. Learn to
enhance movement skills, teamwork, and choreography. Share your dog’s athleticism, grace, and flexibility! We don’t wear costumes and
the human does not dance in this sport but we have So Much. Fun!

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