Toga's Corner

The Power of Toga

Toga's Corner has been a very popular section from the very first newsletter, years ago. How can one little dog have so much POWER as an actor and writer?

It all began on one November night in 1992 at the newly opened Bon-Clyde Center. Classes were just letting out, when I was told by a friend that there was a small dog in the front yard with a note around his neck.. Of course my reaction was, "you are kidding", but when the door opened a very unusual little dog came bouncing in and jumped in my lap. He did have a note around his neck, addressed to me, Also the poor little dog had long stringy hair and blue paint on him. What a sight!! He spent the first night in my garage and then off to the vet to be groomed, given shots and then find him a good home. Well, I believe it is 2002 and guess what, this little black dog is still with me. I named him Toga and he immediately took over my heart not to mention my house. This little guy has a gusto for life and really enjoys every moment. Toga's training in acceptable manners began immediately, and the power of Toga began to immerge. The TV show, "That's my Dog" was holding auditions at the Bon-Clyde Center and during a break one of the crew spotted Toga in my office and asked me to audition him. Much to my surprise this little dog's personality and lively ways won him a trip to Universal Studios and his first big break filming a live TV Game show.

Toga's Power had begun. Not long after returning from Florida Toga landed a role in his first major film. He was the star in a scene with the main actor in the film "Getting In". Toga's attack scene was even shown on national TV as one of the high lights of the move. His next big break was to play Cicely Tysons dog in the Movie of the Week, "The Price of Heaven." In this movie he also worked with Grant Show.

Toga has also filmed at Bald Head Island for the movie El Cine, and was one of the honored guests at the premier openings. His latest roll was for a Glaxo-Welcome video in which he played a space dog and saved the day by delivering Flonase.

When you visit Target stores look for his picture on the doggy sweathers by Boots and Bartley. Toga's favorite co-star is Gracie. Together they have starred in a commercial for a furniture store and performed live on stage in the play, "Will Roger's Follies."

Toga has traveled all across the US spreading his Power and special gifts to all who meet him.

Seeing the need for more acting dogs, Toga decided to begin teaching acting at the Bon-Clyde Center and write the column for the newsletter to keep everyone informed .

The power of this little dog has and will remain to be AWESOME.

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