Bon-Clyde Freestyle demo
Bon-Clyde Freestyle demo

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CANINE ACTING/FREESTYLE COMBO: This 7-week class is broken into 2 parts. The first 3 weeks will be devoted to basic acting skills; week 4 will begin moving exercises involved in both acting and freestyle; while the last 3 weeks will incorporate the acting and moving skills into a basic freestyle routine. To enter this class, your dog must have a firm sit, down, stay, and come-when-called around distractions.

FREESTYLE CLASSES: Dancing with your dog is fun and helps develop dog and handler relationships! This 4-week session introduces some of the freestyle moves, discusses music selections, and helps you get "into the rhythm"! Dogs must have basic obedience skills and be under control!

RALLY OBEDIENCE: It's not just obedience and it's not agility... it's Rally Obedience! Join us, and learn about the AKC's newest Companion event. This event provides fun and enjoyment for both dog and handler, promotes teamwork, and advanced training skills! Dogs must have good basic obedience skills.

Rowdy and Mary Long in Rally Obedience
More rally obedience


Bon-Clyde trackersTRACKING CLASSES: (Limited to 6 students) Tracking allows you a tiny bit of insight into your dog's world, using the incredible power of his nose. Beginning Tracking is designed to introduce dogs and handlers to the sport of Tracking, or following scent (or to be used as a refresher class for those that haven't tracked in a few months). Intermediate Tracking takes students further in their training in preparation for achieving their TD.


CANINE ACTING CLASSES: Whether you're interested in developing your dog's thespian abilities or just in having fun, our Canine Acting Classes offer stimulating new challenges for pet and owner alike. This 4-week class is highly motivational, designed to develop your dog's special talents while learning the basic skills needed to be a successful canine actor. To enter this class, your dog must have a firm sit, down, stay and come when called around distractions. Check out the current class schedule and more on canine acting.

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