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Demonstrating sit/stay
Demonstrating the essential Sit/Stay 


The Bon-Clyde Learning Center offers all levels of basic obedience classes, including:

  • Puppy Kindergarten
  • Beginner Skills
  • Intermediate Skills
  • Advanced Skills

See Schedule for the current schedule and registration information and for Show and Go and Special Workshops and Rallies. See Specialty Classes for Freestyle, Rally Obedience, Tracking, and more.

PUPPY KINDERGARTEN: This class is generally for puppies between the ages of 12 weeks to 6 months old. A few of the topics covered in the course will be socializing your puppy, nipping and bite inhibition, gentling exercises, beginning obedience (sit, down, stay and come), discussion on nail clipping and teeth cleaning, plus use of some obstacles for confidence building. Preregistration required.

BEGINNER SKILLS: This class is for dogs 6 months and over. The course will consist of teaching sit, down, stay, come when called and walking on a loose leash, along with control and manners. All exercises will be done on leash. Preregistration required.

INTERMEDIATE SKILLS: Gain more focus and attention from your dog! Learn how to train your dog for Canine Good Citizen (CGC) or Therapy Dog (TDI) certification. Dogs and their handlers will continue work started in the Beginner skills class. Emphasis will be placed on helping your dog learn control, developing relationships, and improving existing skills. Dogs will be introduced to agility, acting, freestyle, and the intermediate skills needed for entry to agility and advanced level classes.

ADVANCED SKILLS I: This class is for graduates of the Intermediate Skills class or prior approval. Participants will work on improving focus and attention, on and off lead control, working with distractions, and improving sits, downs, stands, stays, and recalls. This class will introduce more advanced training skills with a strong emphasis on heeling and loose-lead control, as needed for general good behavior, rally, freestyle, or competition.

ADVANCED SKILLS II: Emphasis is on teaching your dog the more advanced obedience skills, such as off-lead heeling, hand signals, retrieving, scent discrimination, directed jumping, and more. Improve relationships, gain more focus and control, as well as keep your dog motivated and happy as they continue to learn. Participants should have completed Advanced Skills I, or have prior approval before enrolling.

INDEPENDENT WORK – OBEDIENCE: All dogs are invited to attend our “open” obedience time. Handlers may work on training their dogs, problem solving, socializing their dogs, etc.

OBEDIENCE RUN-THROUGHS: Prepare for the show ring by running your dog through Novice, Open, and/or Utility exercises. Great for working out problems and exposing the dog to ring procedures.

Competition Obedience - Mixie with Articles 


Explore the world of competition obedience! Learn to work as a team with your dog, build relationship, and have fun in a sporting environment. Or, just develop your dog's talents in obedience for companionship and enjoyment.

Our competition obedience classes start with Advanced Beginner, which introduces dogs to more controlled obedience work needed for passing the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and TDI (Therapy Dog International) certification tests. Advanced Beginner also prepares dogs and their handlers for Novice level competition exercises.

Our Competition obedience classes work on advanced level training, primarily Open and Utility levels, with a concentration in heeling and attention. Participants should have taken a Novice Ring Prep or Advanced Beginner class, or have prior approval before enrolling.

Both Advanced Beginner and Competition classes help the dog and handler understand the requirements for competition obedience. All aspects will be covered, such as, the exercises involved, improving attention, increasing scores, and motivating your dog for more attitude and desire, etc.

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