Amazing Gracie Gracie is a Border Collie. She started her film career before she was one-and-a-half years old. She has appeared on film, video and live performances. She is active in the sport of Obedience and Agility.

Gracie's NASCAR commercial with race car driver Rusty Wallace is aired on NBC and TBS. It began running during the Olympics. Rusty and his wife were very nice and Gracie really enjoyed meeting them! Gracie also got to wear Rusty's head set in the commercial, and played one of his pit crew, getting to roll a car (RV) tire!!

Gracie filmed her latest Bell South commercial in Miami in March! She was also featured (with Bonnie, Mary Long and Kay Bolton) on Channel 46 "Live at 9".

Besides her film career, Gracie is also a Therapy Dog for Therapy Dogs International and volunteers her time at hospitals, rest homes and schools. Below is a list of some of her credits.

1. Commercial for Hyders’ Family Store in High Point - Gracie and Toga starred.

2. Video for Duke Hospital called “What to Do When You are Dog Tired”. Gracie played the leading role of "Sparky".

3. BellSouth Mobility DCS, Gracie plays “Ralph”. Her first commercial was filmed on March 26, 1998: Title “Roll over Ralph”. Other commercials for BellSouth Mobility DCS include:

Read the News & Observer's "Gracie is Bell South Nobility"a. House - Talk America
b. Water’s Fine
c. Coverage
d. Rare - Asteroid
e. Horde Lindsey and Gracie shown during Super Bowl 1999
f. Scary Movie
g. Mainframe: ABC
h. Mainframe: Halloween
i. Mainframe: Christmas
j. Mainframe: Football
k. Sob Story (Straw Dogs)
m. Who’s Next
n. Santa
o. Jack-in-the-Box
p. Flexible 1
q. On the Road
r. Klutta Piano DCS

Gracie acting for a video for Bell South in Kingsport, Tennessee

  • Gracie has also performed live in the play “Will Rogers Follies” with her buddy, Toga. The two dogs did a routine called the WILD WEST SHOW.
  • Gracie also has performed as entertainment for the Raleigh Capital Express professional Soccer team's half-time show. She and four other canines performed Agility.
  • Gracie is also a Therapy Dog and visits rest homes, schools and hospitals to present shows and entertain patients.
  • Gracie also filmed for the promotional video for Bon-Clyde Canine Professionals.
  • Gracie has also done Personal appearances for BellSouth at their grand openings and the corporate headquarters in Atlanta.
  • She has also been a special guest at a BellSouth dinner meeting in Raleigh.
  • Gracie filmed a NASCAR commercial with race car driver Rusty Wallace. It began airing during the 2000 Olympics and can be seen on NBC and TBS.
  • Along with some of the other Canine Professionals, Gracie appeared in The Night Before Christmas, performed in December at the Bon-Clyde Christmas party and at nursing homes
  • Avanti Greeting Card
  • More credits available on request:

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