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The Power of Toga

Toga's Corner has been a very popular section from the very first newsletter, years ago. How can one little dog have so much POWER as an actor and writer?

It all began on one November night in 1992 at the newly opened Bon-Clyde Center. Classes were just letting out, when I was told by a friend that there was a small dog in the front yard with a note around his neck.. Of course my reaction was, "you are kidding", but when the door opened a very unusual little dog came bouncing in and jumped in my lap. He did have a note around his neck, addressed to me, Also the poor little dog had long stringy hair and blue paint on him. What a sight!! He spent the first night in my garage and then off to the vet to be groomed, given shots and then find him a good home. Well, I believe it is 2002 and guess what, this little black dog is still with me. I named him Toga and he immediately took over my heart not to mention my house. This little guy has a gusto for life and really enjoys every moment. Toga's training in acceptable manners began immediately, and the power of Toga began to immerge. The TV show, "That's my Dog" was holding auditions at the Bon-Clyde Center and during a break one of the crew spotted Toga in my office and asked me to audition him. Much to my surprise this little dog's personality and lively ways won him a trip to Universal Studios and his first big break filming a live TV Game show.

Toga's Power had begun. Not long after returning from Florida Toga landed a role in his first major film. He was the star in a scene with the main actor in the film "Getting In". Toga's attack scene was even shown on national TV as one of the high lights of the move. His next big break was to play Cicely Tysons dog in the Movie of the Week, "The Price of Heaven." In this movie he also worked with Grant Show.

Toga has also filmed at Bald Head Island for the movie El Cine, and was one of the honored guests at the premier openings. His latest roll was for a Glaxo-Welcome video in which he played a space dog and saved the day by delivering Flonase.

When you visit Target stores look for his picture on the doggy sweathers by Boots and Bartley. Toga's favorite co-star is Gracie. Together they have starred in a commercial for a furniture store and performed live on stage in the play, "Will Roger's Follies."

Toga has traveled all across the US spreading his Power and special gifts to all who meet him.

Seeing the need for more acting dogs, Toga decided to begin teaching acting at the Bon-Clyde Center and write the column for the newsletter to keep everyone informed .

The power of this little dog has and will remain to be AWESOME.

Toga would like to share with you some of his Canine Professionals accomplishments since the last newsletter. Two of our Canine performers are featured in commercials by ValPak. Monty, a Golden owned by Barbara Raab, and Leia, a Laborador owned by Roberta Pylate filmed on location in Wilmington in November. This was Monty and Leia first commercials and both dogs pulled it off like pros. Spot Film and TV Production Company, crew and cast were wonderful to work for and we met a lot of very nice people. These commercials are on TV now so watch for the cute Golden who turns Green and the Cute Labordor who just has to invade a pizza box for a quick snack.

Also keep checking those Avanti Greeting cards for our favorite, pug, Cole who will be seen wearing a sporty necktie while at the office: Caro , my Golden, enjoying a day in the country and Zen , a kitten being rescused from a tree.

Toga is very proud of all the acting dogs and cats. Truly the Power of Toga will continue to spread.

News From Toga - Spring 2003

What do Ryan's Pet Supplies, J-B Wholesale, and Care-A- Lot catalogues have in common? Besides being an excellent source for all your pet supply needs, you can also see Bon-Clyde Canines sporting the latest fashions in Doggy clothes. This is only one of the places our Canines can be seen. Thanks to Erin Minton, who produces the Fashion Pet Collection for Ethical Products, and Gerin Choiniere a top photographer in the Charlotte area, our Canines will be featured in 2003 with many more exciting fashions.
Recently two newcomers to the modeling world, Grip, a Jack Russell, and Festus, a Chihuahua, joined Gracie, Glory and Moseley in a photography session for 2003 fashions.

Other modeling jobs for our Canines include Shaw Carpet and Stanley Furniture. Reggie and Susan Moorehead are the proud parents of a cute litter of Australian Shepherd puppies used in an ad for Shaw Carpet. One special little puppy even got a call back to do an ad for Cochran Furniture.
Grip, my Jack Russell puppy, has worked on two ads for Stanley Furniture. On one of the jobs, he was joined by Roz, my other Jack Russell puppy, and two very cute kids. These jobs were filmed in High Point at Tribuzio Hilliard Studios.

Besides being busy doing modeling jobs, Bon-Clyde Canines have also made numerous personal appearances. One of these was on Nov 9, in Carthage at the First Annual Companion Animal Fair. This was an event sponsored by a group called, "Action for Animals." The day was full of all types of booths, demos, and wonderful information on all aspects of pet care and training. Gracie made a special appearance during the opening ceremonies and was joined by Karen, Wendy, Veronica, Ginny, and their dogs for more demonstrations during the day. Be sure to attend this event next year. It was GREAT!!

Of course, the year would not be complete without the performance of Bon-Clyde dogs at our Christmas party. Thanks to Stephanie Thomas, assisted by Pat Powers, we had a very rocking performance. I know everyone has heard of The Twelve Days of Christmas, well... you should have seen our new version of the hit song. It was hard to imagine who laughed the most, dogs, handlers or audience. Needless to say it was a BIG hit. Thanks Stephanie and Pat. We will expect an encore next year!!!!!!!!!!! Check out the photos on page 14
Thank you for all the support and help during the year 2002. We are looking forward to another great year. Our seven week Acting Classes are very popular. Also this year, at the request of our acting friends who live too far to join in our regular classes, I am offering mini-seminars. These will be posted on the web site and in the newsletter. Hope to see you soon.

Bonnie and Toga



News From Toga - past newsletters

Our Canine and Feline Professionals have been very busy, and have received national and world wide coverage with feature articles in "Southern Living", "Dog and Kennel" magazine, and two newspapers: the Fayetteville Observer and the Daily News in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.

Toga, a mixed breed, has big news! Recently, he was involved in a corporate video for the Glaxo Company, promoting the product Flonase. His role was to play "Trigger, the Wonder Dog". Trigger belongs to "Murky Septum"; the villain turned believer, in the film. What a big surprise when we heard that the video, produced by Arlene Leveille of NuArt Video Productions, and written by Cindy Carter, was awarded the SILVER REEL award, presented by the International Television Association. What an honor to be a part of such a wonderful video. Congratulation to all!!!! 

Presently, we have completed 5 cards for Avanti Press, which feature canines: Buck, Gracie and Cole and our feline, Charisma. A special "congratulations" goes to Michael Quackenbush, the Art Director for Avanti Press, who is the master brain for the cute cards. His concept of a Pug on a copier won the Louis Award given by the International Greeting Card Association for the "Best Humorous Birthday Card" category, which was presented in New York recently. The cute Pug, Cole, is owned by Ginger Kornegay.

Also look for our canines in Target Store advertisements soon. Dax, a Border Terrier owned by Lynn Wilson; Glory, a Schnauzer owned by Karen Worsham; and Gracie and Toga, owned by Bonnie Buchanan, were models for a new line of dog clothes under the name of "Boots and Barkley", designed by Erin Minton. The dogs spent a great day at Gerin Choiniere Photography studios in Charlotte modeling for the camera, various designer clothes from rain coats with hats to leather jackets and sweaters. Many of the clothes were reversible giving you two for the price of one. What GREAT clothes! Both dogs and handlers had a wonderful time.

Our canines have also been busy doing personal appearances. We performed at the Sanford Library for National Book week. Gracie, Focus, Toga and Jazz with the help of Mary Lee Buchanan, as official book reader, performed a skit for the children. Afterward, the dogs visited with the kids.

Harley, owned by Wendy Nelson, and Toga, Gracie and Buck also presented a short program for the Retirement Home in Pittsboro. This was Harley's first program with us and he was a BIG hit with all attending. Since he is a Great Dane, I do mean GREAT - most of the residents had to look UP to him.

Focus, my Border Collie, also completed a job for Trone Advertising. The campaign was shot in Louisburg N.C. by photographer Scott Dingman. We spent the day on a beautiful farm where Focus was cast as a farm dog belonging to Lollie Lechaire, an actress from Charlotte. Lollie and Focus got along great, and I look forward to seeing the finished product.

Bon-Clyde dogs and cats already have quite a busy Fall Schedule. Plan to join in on the fun and enroll your dog or cat in our next Acting Class.

SPRING 2001 APPEARANCES: Gracie, Bonnie's Border Collie, was very excited to play Rusty Wallace's dog for a NASCAR commercial, which is airing on NBC and TBS. It began airing during the Olympics. Rusty and his wife were very nice and Gracie really enjoyed meeting them. Gracie also got to wear his head set in the commercial, and played one of his pit crew, getting to roll a car (RV) tire!!!!!! Gracie has also been busy doing personal appearances for the Durham Humane Society, where she was joined by Toga, Xtra and Cole. We have also entertained at the Pope Air Force Base, where Sheba, Mixie, Jake, Scruffy, Angel, Dakota, and Toga joined Gracie in the fun.

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