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Read the articleGet the scoop on the canine professionals in the June 2001 Southern Living's "Grad School for Critters" and the August 2001 Dog & Kennel Magazine in "On Command: The dogs of canine talent agent Bonnie Buchanan train with stars in their eyes".

Visit Toga's Corner, about Toga and also recent appearances by the Canine Professionals, including 5 cards for Avanti Press and ads for Target Stores!

The April, 2000 Business Leader Magazine featured Bon-Clyde Canine Professionals in "Want to Boost Sales? Hire a Pooch!



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Toga and Grant Show filming "The Price of Heaven" Bon-Clyde Canine Professionals offers multiple breeds of dogs trained to your specifications for still shots, commercials, movies, and more. 

  • Quality training, professional standards
  • 20 years experience in dog training
  • Offering a large selection of purebred and mixed-breed dogs
  • Special looks, special talents
  • References and portfolios available on request.

We're very proud of Gracie, spokes-canine for Bell South DCS Mobility and star of TV, screen, and personal appearances (scroll down for a shot of Gracie on location).

View some candid shots of our professionals and read Toga's Corner.

Scroll down to see some of our credits.

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Gracie playing camera man while on location in Charlotte


Bell South commercials filmed in March 2000 Gracie (border collie)
Commercial for Carter Lumber Eloise (a mastiff)
Corporate video for Glaxo-Wellcome advertising Flonase (no stuffed dog noses!)
Awarded the Silver Reel Award by the International Television Association
Toga (Mix) starred as Trigger, the Wonder Dog
Wayne Dalton Garage Doors commercial Buck and Rusty (Shelties)
TARGET commercial  
Purina Dog Chow  
Frito Lay  

 “Getting In”  (Movie)

Toga (Mix)   

“The Price of Heaven” (MOW)

Toga (Mix)
Lindsey (Pomerian)
Played Cicely Tyson’s dog

“American Gothic” (TV series)

Also provided background dogs
Jazz (Standard Poodle)
Toga (mix)

“Lesser Evils”    (Movie) 

Hound Dogs for hunting scene

“El Cine”  (Independent film)

Toga played a Cuban Dog

“Family Dog”  (Video)  

Provided Poodle and lab Puppy plus helped with script

“What to Do When You Are Dog Tired” (Video)

Gracie ( Border Collie) starred in the video for Duke Hospital

“Will  Rogers Follies”  (Live play)

Gracie and Toga performed the Wild West Show

“The Grail”  (Independent Film)

German Shepherd, and Great Dane

Avanti Greeting Cards Buck, a Shetland sheepdog
Central Carolina Bank/National Bank of Commerce/SunTrust Spokesdog, Rap, a border collie
Trone Advertising/Quick Step  
Rhodes Furniture  
Food Lion  
American Airlines Cargo Old English Sheepdog
NC School of Veterinary Medicine  
South Carolina Educational Lottery Gracie (border collie)
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Bon-Clyde Professionals at Dorothea Dix Annual Circus
The Bon-Clyde Canine Professionals were honored to be part of the entertainment at Dorothea Dix’s Annual Dog Circus in Raleigh, NC. Participants included: Webber, owned by Leanna King; B.J. & Jake, owned by Sue Butler; Sasha, owned by Phyllis Campbell; Mixie, owned by Mary Isenhour-Long, and Gracie, owned by Bonnie Buchanan.

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CREDITS, continued

“Schultz”  (video for Hard wood floors)

Buck (Shetland Sheepdog)

Fountainhead Advertising (The Facility Group)
Photography at Iams plant in Henderson

Bernese Mountain dog and puppy

Franklin Video  (Homemax) Video

Bassett Hound

“Novartis” video for the drug CLOMICALM

Ellie (Cattle Dog)

Adams Photography (Dog Food)


Gramercy Home, now Brylane Home Catalogue COVER and inside shots

Two Golden Retiever pups  

Marilyn’s Talent Agency Inc. (Still Photo)  Wallpaper ad


Jim McGuire Photography  (Still for Bank of  America)

Boxer and Bernese Mountain Dog

Tretorn Tennis Shoes  (Action Stills)Mix Breed and Australian


“INGLES Grocery  Store” commercial film

Caro (Golden Retriever)

Reimler Agency (Paradox Films) Health Care of  the Carolinas

Caro (Golden Retriever)  

Salt mine Studios (Hyders Family Store)

Gracie and Toga starred as Morty and Shorty

Raleigh Capital Express  (Pro  Soccer Team)

Half Time ShowTeam of  5 dogs and handlers

Photo shoot for HUSQVARNA, for a mousepad and ad brochures Three Husky pups owned by Betty Mitchell and Patty Powell
Another photo shoot for HUSQVARNA, Two Husky pups owned by MaryAnn Simmons
Ad for Fannie Mae Mel the bloodhound
Glen Raven Catalog (Hershey Communications) Mica, a Golden Retriever, Xtra, a border collie, and Sheba, a Jack Russell, and one cat (Romeo)
More credits and pictures available on request:
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