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Gracie and fellow canine professionals
Whether you're interested in developing your dog's thespian abilities or just in having fun, our Canine Acting classes and seminars offer stimulating new challenges for pet and owner alike.

CANINE ACTING/FREESTYLE COMBO: This 7-week class is broken into 2 parts. The first 3 weeks will be devoted to basic acting skills; week 4 will begin moving exercises involved in both acting and freestyle; while the last 3 weeks will incorporate the acting and moving skills into a basic freestyle routine. To enter this class, your dog must have a firm sit, down, stay, and come-when-called around distractions.

Also check our schedule for regular acting classes. These 4 or 7 week classes are highly motivational, designed to develop your dog's special talents while learning the basic skills needed to be a successful canine actor. To enter acting class, your dog must have a firm sit, down, stay and come when called around distractions. See a class schedule for current classes and applications.

Level 1 - This is a very motivational class which is designed to develop your dogs’ special talents, while learning the basic skills needed for a successful Canine Actor. To become a member of this class, your dog must have a firm sit, down, stay, and come when called around distractions. 

Level 2 - This class is for dogs that have successfully completed Level 1 classes. This course will cover more advanced skills and behavior shaping techniques. 

Bon-Clyde Canine Professionals is scouting for talented dogs like yours! We invite you to send us your dog's photo and tell us a bit about his or her personality, characteristics, or special talents. For more information, print and fill out our form and return it (by mail) with 1-2 photos clearly showing your dog. Submit as many as you like, but please use a separate form for each dog.

Check out what Bon-Clyde Canine Professionals have accomplished, and read Bonnie on Acting and Gracie's Page.


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