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Competition Obedience
Competition Obedience - Novice:

This class is for dog who have completed basic obedience and have good control on leash and a sit, down, and stay.

This course will work preparing your dog to show in Beginner Novice, Pre-Novice or Novice Obedience classes. Skills taught will
be how to get your dogs attention, find heel position, work on turns, figure eights, Stand for exam, recalls, fronts and finishes
and sits and downs. Each week will be a building block approach and lots of motivational and fun methods to teach your dog
these skills.

Competition Obedience - Advance Novice and Intro to Open:

This class will review the heeling skills taught in the Novice class and how to introduce the off leash heeling.

Also an introduction to teaching the retrieving will be discussed and dogs will begin learning the TAKE IT, HOLD, and GIVE

The high jump and broad jump will be taught the drop on recall.

This class will use lots of motivitional games and skill sets for you to work on for homework.

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